Constantinople confirmed the end of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine

As to the Russian Orthodox Church were threatened.

Константинополь подтвердил конец Московского патриархата на Украине

Constantinople in the person of Archbishop job, representing the Patriarchate of Constantinople, confirmed the end of the Moscow Patriarchate on the territory of Ukraine. Job said that all bishops who remained in Ukraine now belong to the Ecumenical throne. In addition, the Russian Orthodox Church has made certain threats on the part of Constantinople, as Telleschi job said that if ROC does not cease to resist the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, expect some consequences. According to the Archbishop of Constantinople, Orthodox ecclesiology, and the canons of the Church, set as arbiter and judge it Constantinople, confirming his superiority.

It is worth Recalling, 11 October the Ukraine was returned to the jurisdiction of the Synod at Constantinople Patriarchate, which was achieved through the abolition of of the decree adopted by the Supreme ecclesiastical establishment in the distant 1686.

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