Coronavirus: risk of family violence

Yes to voluntary isolation, as requested by Prime Ministers Fran├žois Legault and Justin Trudeau, to counter the spread of the coronavirus. But there is also an urgent need to find solutions to counter the family violence that could result from it.
I n fact, voluntary isolation can turn into hell for women and children living with an abusive man. Often, the workplace or school are places where abused women and children can breathe. However, these havens of peace no longer exist, during a period of isolation, and the opportunities to denounce this violence (via school workers for example) nonexistent.

Recall that a woman is killed every three days in Canada; one every month in Quebec. The emergency measures to counter the coronavirus must not lead to an increase in the rate of femicide in Canada.

Messrs. Legault and Trudeau, please, find ways to protect these vulnerable women and children. Start a campaign to encourage neighbors to pay attention to what is going on around them, to speak out and to call the authorities to stop this violence. Help shelters and homes accommodate them.

Women and children are also citizens who must be protected.

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