Coronavirus: Trump calls for “protecting” Asian Americans

Donald Trump called on Monday to “protect” Asian Americans, saying the spread of the new coronavirus was “not their fault” after he was accused of raising suspicion himself by speaking of “Chinese virus”.
“It is very important to fully protect our Asian-American community in the United States and around the world,” the US president tweeted.

“They are amazing people, and the spread of the Virus is NOT their fault, in any way. They are working closely with us to get rid of it, ”he added.

The Republican billionaire uses the expression “Chinese virus” daily to designate the coronavirus detected for the first time in December in Wuhan, China.

Despite the admonitions from Beijing, which refuses to be stigmatized, he assumed this formula, believing that it was factual, and accused the Chinese authorities of having delayed sharing information on the epidemic.

According to associations representing the community of Asian Americans, this rhetoric has already started to fuel a certain racism against it.

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