Coronavirus: two young people from Quebec get their message in a video that has gone viral

Two young people from Quebec chose humor to raise awareness of the importance of “staying with us” in a video that has gone viral on social networks.
“We’re going out, but not far. We don’t get together. On Tiktokise, on Netflixise, on Instagram, on Fortnitise, but we stay at home! ” said the younger of the two brothers in the video, which has been shared more than 53,300 times since Tuesday.

To baby boomers, “those who were all born at the same time in the old days, it was a boom and they all appeared at the same time”, the two young people ask to “chill at home”.

“You’re retired, take it cool!” Play online bingo, make yourself a game of pétanque with rice and ziploc […], play shuffleboard […], try the flat business in all campsites in Florida, “suggests the junior boys.

“Listen to us, then stop buying two bananas at the grocery store, we’re going to help you, we have nothing to do, we’re going to go to the grocery store for you!” he adds.

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