COVID-19: an employee of a residence for the elderly in Gaspesie hospitalized in Quebec

An employee of the Manoir du Havre, a private residence for the elderly located in Maria, in the Gaspé Peninsula, was hospitalized in Quebec because she suffers from COVID-19. Meanwhile, three of the residents of Le Manoir du Havre are in solitary confinement at Maria’s hospital, awaiting test results.
C ette employed stayed in Quebec from March 12, a Thursday. She traveled with five other people. She was to attend a show, which was canceled. She stayed in Quebec for the following weekend, before returning. She worked at the Manoir du Havre on her return, before experiencing respiratory problems on March 20.

She was diagnosed with pneumonia on the 24th. It seems that her workplace, with the elderly, did not prompt the health authorities to order a test for COVID-19 immediately. It was not until March 27 that the test was done, and it was positive. The lady had then been hospitalized for two days.

She was transferred to Quebec, a place designated in the Gaspé for confirmed cases of coronavirus requiring hospitalization. She is alone in this case until now.

The Director General of the Integrated Center for Health and Social Services of the Gaspé, Chantal Duguay, specifies that when the employee of the Manoir du Havre made her trip to Quebec, people walking inside the province were not targeted as candidates for screening tests. “The question was: did you go abroad? ”

Ms. Duguay also notes that the slogan of avoiding travel, although hammered out from March 12, was only a “directive, not a ban”.

The Manoir du Havre, in addition to being a private residence, enjoys the status of intermediate resources, namely that it provides services arising from the responsibility of the Integrated Health and Social Services Center of Gaspésie. It houses 30 residents and has 20 employees. The Public Health Department has not completed its investigation into this case and it is assisting the management of the private residence.

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