COVID-19: First death of a minor registered in the United States

strong> The United States recorded its first death of a minor in connection with the new coronavirus on Tuesday, near Los Angeles.
Los Angeles County health officials said in a news release three new deaths from COVID-19, including “a young man under the age of 18” who lived in Lancaster, 40 miles north of Los Angeles.

It is the first known case of death affecting a young person on American soil.

The two other victims were between 50 and 70 years old, the press release added, without specifying the case of the young deceased.

COVID-19 rarely takes severe forms in children, experts say, and very few fatal cases have been reported worldwide since the start of the pandemic.

“COVID-19 makes no difference in age, race or wealth, and what we are seeing right now in places like New York is showing us what to prepare for,” says director of health. County Public Service, Barbara Ferrer.

“We can only flatten the curve (contaminations, Editor’s note) if EVERYONE takes seriously the instructions for social distancing and respect the orders of isolation and quarantine,” she insists.

California authorities have placed Los Angeles and the rest of the state in containment, with orders to cease all “non-essential” activities and to avoid displacement as much as possible.

“In the last 48 hours, there have been 256 new cases” of coronavirus, note the Los Angeles County health authorities.

This brings the number of laboratory-confirmed cases in the region to 662, of which only ten involved young people under the age of 18.

To date, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in 119 hospitalizations and eleven deaths.

In total, the United States had Tuesday afternoon 674 dead and more than 51,000 officially reported cases of COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University, which refers.

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