COVID-19 insensitive to magic

Even the magic cannot overcome COVID-19. The pandemic currently hitting Quebec has forced the postponement of the 10th Quebec Magic Festival which was to take place from May 6 to 10 in the Old Capital. All activities on the program, including the North American Magic Championship, Olympic Magic Qualifications, and the Canadian Magic Championship will therefore take place at an undetermined future date.
“With the measures in progress, we could not have come together,” says Renée-Claude Auclair, director general of the festival. “We hope to present the festival in 2020 in the majority of its components. And we are confident to be ready to present the event as soon as possible. But we are dependent on what is going on in the United States, we do not know when the qualifications can take place. However, we are not the only ones to have chosen to postpone our championship, Brazil having made the same decision as us. ”

M me Auclair do not hide, is the reprogramming of this international component – which was to bring together nearly 300 competitors – at a later date that may give the most trouble to the organizers who will be approved bodies world of magic regarding the choice of new dates. On the contrary, the festival component – which attracted between 10,000 and 15,000 people – should be able to be presented to without too many problems on a new date, even if it featured international artists.

“At our scale, organizing the festival component on another date is doable. There are enough magicians in Canada who could allow us to hold this component. When the situation gets better, we will be ready. We will only have to recall our magicians and our collaborators. And we can’t wait. ”

The general manager, however, indicated that she did not have to worry about the holding of the 2020 North American Championship in the Old Capital. His organization is bound by contract to the International Federation of Magic Societies for the presentation of the event which cannot take place elsewhere.

“We cannot lose our events. And it is the same for the world championships which must take place in Quebec in 2021. We are reassured at this level. I have spoken with international bodies several times in the past few days. They have 100% confidence in us.

“When the time comes, it will just be a matter of finding the right time to present the North American Championship. In late summer or fall would be a good time. The championship may also be held as soon as the situation is resolved in Canada and the United States. What will be important will be to keep associations informed of our next date via social networks so that competitors who were already qualified are still available. Perhaps the postponement could even allow us to welcome more competitors because we will have more time to announce the holding of qualifications. ”

“We hope to present the festival in 2020 in the majority of its components. And we are confident to be ready to present the event as soon as possible ”
– Renée-Claude Auclair, director general of the Festival de la magic de Québec

Speaking of the presentation of the North American Championship, Ms. Auclair mentioned that all scenarios were possible. “With all the technologies we have, it is not excluded that the competition can be done simply by video. There are different options. But it is obvious that it is more pleasant to hold this championship in front of an audience. We therefore remain positive. We have the contracts. It is simply postponed. ”

The Director General concluded by saying that we should not see only black in the postponement of the event. She said her organization was ready to receive the best magicians in the world in May, but it would be even more so later this year.

“It’s just a shame because we were really looking forward to hosting the event and we were about to do it. That’s what’s flat, but at the same time, everyone understands. There is no one who questions our decision. We remain very positive and await the development of the situation. ”

UniC2020 Climate Summit

In addition, the upheavals and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic caused the postponement of another major event in the Quebec region, the UniC2020 International Student Climate Summit. This activity presented for the first time and which will take place from July 6 to 9 at Laval University was to bring together 300 young academics and young graduates from around the world chosen for their commitment to climate action. The summit will now take place in the summer of 2021.

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