COVID-19: Levis turns to coercion

As Easter approaches, the City of Lévis has decided to raise its voice. She abandons the awareness mode to enter a coercion mode. Not only will the police officers from the COVID-19 brigade be more present in the territory, more personnel will be deployed, but they could be less tolerant of those who do not follow the instructions of Public Health.
“We are starting to think that it cannot be like not that the message did not get through. So there, good faith, bad faith … The people who are going to tell us “I didn’t know that there is a distance of two meters”. […] The citizens who often complain will tell us that these people are in bad faith. It is on this bad faith that we will begin to play. Because at some point there are limits to say. “I did not know”. I “didn’t know it”, I’m starting to have problems with that! ” launched the mayor of Lévis Gilles Lehouillier during a press briefing posted on his Facebook page as well as on that of the city. At the same time, he announced that Lévis was going to implement additional means to hammer the message of Public Health which is to respect the instructions.

“This is what is at the heart of the war today if we want to ensure that, as the government mentioned, the” peak “of the pandemic is reached around mid-April”, launched the first magistrate Levisian. “If we want to maintain this enviable position there, we must continue to make efforts. Yes, it is clear that at the economic level, the measures have important repercussions. But he does not forget that the more disciplined we are, the sooner recovery can come in a positive way. ”

In order to remind people of the recommendations of Public Health, the city concluded an agreement which will allow the city to use 23 electronic panels and four giant panels already installed on the Lévisien territory. It also rented 10 mobile electronic panels with variable messages which will be installed on the territory as well as on which short messages will be broadcast in a loop on the importance of respecting public health instructions. The mayor also asked his citizens to respect the instructions more specific to the Lévis territory as to avoid long trips on the territory, to stock up as close as possible to his place of residence, to avoid indoor and outdoor gatherings , and to avoid family reunification.

A statement of offense

The mayor of Lévis mentioned it, the collaboration of the population is exemplary. As proof, even if the police had to make, following information, 113 interventions with businesses offering non-essential services that were open and 256 interventions with citizens between March 23 and April 6, they did not given only one statement of offense.

The fine of $ 1,546 was given to a citizen who did not respect the rules. “This person came to a convenience store when he had possible symptoms of COVID-19. Our police service had to direct the person to the care settings and issue the appropriate report, “explained Gaétan Drouin, municipal coordinator of civil protection,”

Mayor Lehouillier indicated that Lévis had given all the necessary power to his police officers to control the comings and goings in his various parks. If ridership becomes a problem in certain parks, the police will have the power to close them.

“The Parc des Chutes de la Chaudière will be subject to special monitoring, even going as far as controlling entrances and exits,” said the Chief Magistrate. “We noticed that there could be a problem. Parc des Chutes de la Chaudière is a bit like the Plains of Abraham in Lévis. It is normal that there are more people who want to go there. But we’re going to control everything. ”

Gaétan Drouin mentioned that the police will also continue to patrol near private seniors’ residences to ensure that people respect the rules of confinement. Any intervention is however made at the request of Public Health. Up to now, requests have concerned as many people who absolutely wanted to visit a senior as seniors who wanted to leave their residence.

Mayor Lehouillier indicated that there was no question for Lévis of adopting a by-law aimed at lowering the amount of fines for tickets. “It makes people know there is coercion.”

Since Tuesday, the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis has been lit up in the colors of the rainbow to highlight the exceptional work of healthcare personnel. An initiative of the Satir Productions Group.

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