COVID-19: message from the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec

The world faces a terrible enemy, invisible, but sometimes fatal for some: COVID-19. Its hatching is dazzling, its propagation has no borders. No cure, no vaccine exists for the moment.
The virus spares no nation: Canada and Quebec are no exception. In fact, to this day, the fight against this unknown evil rests only on the commitment, the courage, the generosity, the empathy and the love of these women and men who work and watch, tirelessly, to to overcome its progression, to eradicate this disease and to allow the population to benefit from the essential goods for their survival.

Suffice it to think of all the pre-hospital and hospital staff, whatever profession or profession they exercise, these researchers dedicated to the search for drugs or vaccines, members of the police and firefighting that ensures our safety, to these women and men, young and old, concerned about mutual aid, to all these people, from all backgrounds, without exception, who do not hesitate to continue their daily tasks in to ensure the well-being of their fellow citizens, often at the expense of their health.

To these kind-hearted people, to these heroines and heroes who are too often overlooked, we must say: thank you. Thank you for their concern for others, for their acceptance of the danger, for their self-giving, for their social solidarity. Thank you to our housekeepers, both federal, provincial and municipal, for knowing how to join their respective forces to allow us to keep hope for the future, to give us the strength to overcome and get through these difficult times.

Thank you to Quebecers who know how to respond, with respect for others, to the directives given to limit and stop the spread of the dreaded COVID-19. Thank you, let’s stay united, together, we will be able to conquer, “it’s going to be fine”.

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