COVID-19: now eight cases in the Outaouais

The Outaouais now has eight confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19, an increase of three compared to the previous day. All affected patients live in urban areas.
In his daily press briefing, Prime Minister François Legault announced on Monday afternoon that the provincial results now include all “confirmed” and “probable” cases.

The Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSSO) indicated at the weekend that the case that had been detected in Ottawa with a resident of the Outaouais is now part of the Quebec assessment.

The CISSSO, which has not made a press conference since Friday, said in a press release on Monday that the eight people in the region who were infected with the new coronavirus remain “in urban areas”.

“The public health department initiates, for each case, rigorous investigations in order to establish the contacts of each of these people,” assures the CISSSO. This increase in the number of cases was foreseeable and our teams are mobilized in efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 ”.

The organization said that 1703 screening tests have been carried out so far. Of the batch, 505 results are pending. The CISSSO states that patients are contacted “without delay” as soon as a result arrives, whether positive or negative.

The screening clinic installed in La RessourSe premises, in the Hull sector, extended its opening hours last week. “This therefore makes it possible to increase the capacity of the clinic and to carry out a greater number of tests daily,” says the CISSSO.

“Hot zone”

The organization also wants to “highlight the incredible work of the teams working with the homeless”. “A hot zone has been set up to accommodate the customers of the Gîte Ami or the Soup Soup who may present symptoms of COVID-19,” said CISSSO. This hot zone is in fact a place outside the usual spaces in order to be able to isolate each of the people with symptoms. This preventive measure serves to protect customers at risk from the pandemic. ”

With eight cases, the Outaouais is not among the most affected regions. The largest number of cases is found in Montreal (265). Next come Montérégie (66), Lanaudière (50), Estrie (48), Capitale-Nationale (33), and the Laurentians (30).

Border with Ottawa

The national director of public health in Quebec, Dr. Horacio Arruda, stressed at the end of the week that the special situation of the great region of the federal capital should be considered if the interprovincial borders are closed. Prime Minister Legault made a similar speech on Monday, mentioning that Gatineau and Ottawa are “one community.”

“We want to have the least amount of travel possible from one region to another within Quebec itself, so it is certain that to start having people who come from other provinces is not ideal, but there is a special situation in Gatineau-Ottawa, he said. […] There is a part of the care which, in some cases, is in Ottawa for people from Gatineau. ”

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