COVID-19: the Musee civilization wants your testimonies

The Musée de la civilization is at the hour of the pandemic. Anxious to play its role of reflecting Quebec society, the institution of the Old Port calls on the public to document in all possible ways the way in which everyone is going through the crisis. Thoughts, reflections, photos, videos, children’s drawings, so many ways for the citizens of Quebec and the province to leave to posterity testimonies on this exceptional event.
“It is still too early to say if we will make a formal exhibition of it, in a room of the museum. Everything will depend on the material that we will collect, explains to the Sun Director General Stéphan La Roche. Our desire is to act as a museum of society. ”

“However, Quebec society, like the rest of the planet, is living in an absolutely new and unprecedented situation. We think it’s important to document what’s going on, he explains. We want to know how our fellow citizens experience this extraordinary situation, as they feel, what will our collective memory retain? History is being written, in a way. It is important to make it a milestone in our history. ”

Stéphan La Roche is also curious to know what happens next. Because the end of isolation there will certainly be a day, everyone agrees. “Do people have any thoughts on how society will change? Because there will be a before and after COVID-19. I think things will never be exactly the same. How will the crisis have had an impact on changes in environmental habits, for example? ”

The fruits of this great brainstorming will eventually be posted on the platform , created on the museum’s website in order to open virtual doors to the institution during this period of confinement.

Shaken calendar

Like all cultural organizations, the Musée de la civilization was hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. The place is officially closed until March 30 and public activities canceled until April 12.

The exhibition fisheries Stories , scheduled for 1 st April should be offered “a few weeks time,” Mr. La Roche wishes. As for Special Effects , the “big summer exhibition”, which was to open on June 18, it is still too early to decide its fate. “It is light years away from the decision-making capacity that we can have right now.”

The closure of the schools will not be without affecting the attendance at the museum institution, which is usually very popular in the spring. La Roche estimates to date that about 9,000 students have been unable to pass through the museum doors. “All tours are canceled until the end of the year. In the end, some 12,000 students did not come. ”

Virtual tours

Other museums have also taken unprecedented steps during this troubled time. Failing to see art lovers coming to them, they are the ones who now go to the public. Also the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec ( ) has put online, in a desire to “continue to amaze people in their living room”, virtual tours presenting the works of some of its rooms exposure. A similar initiative has been taken by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts ( ).

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