Covid-19: Trudeau announces new financial assistance measures

The federal government is announcing new financial assistance for two charities. Kids Help Phone will receive $ 7.5 million from Ottawa. Centraide will be able to count on an additional $ 9 million to help seniors who are more isolated than ever during this pandemic time.
The e premier Justin Trudeau made the announcement Sunday morning in its daily output to reporters.

More than $ 200 million will also be paid for shelters and shelters for the homeless, victims of domestic violence or victims of sexual assault.

Mr. Trudeau also said that there is still no question of intervention by the Canadian Armed Forces.

“Members of the Armed Forces will always be there to help when Canada needs it, to be there to serve. But for the moment, we have not had any specific requests regarding this. There are no plans at the moment to conduct operations in Canada with the Armed Forces, ”he replied to a question from a reporter.

He reiterated that all scenarios are envisaged and that his government, like the army, is “ready for any eventuality”.

As of tomorrow Monday, air and train travel within Canada will be prohibited for anyone with symptoms of COVID-19.

It will be up to railway and airline employees to check if the traveler has a fever, cough or breathing difficulties.

The federal government has ordered this new measure in all modes of transportation under its jurisdiction. It will take effect Monday at noon.


The cruise ship stuck with 248 Canadians is finally en route to an American port.

MS Zaandam has obtained permission to cross the Panama Canal. He is now expected in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Several of his passengers have symptoms of COVID-19. Four died. Global Affairs Canada has said that none of the four victims of the disease is Canadian.

Another cruise ship from the same company, the Maasdam, was able to disembark passengers at the port of San Diego on Friday and Saturday. There were no cases of COVID-19 on board.

Many Canadian citizens are still unable to return despite the numerous repatriation flights organized in recent days. The Canadian government has distributed 300 loans to these nationals and is studying 900 other requests. These loans for emergency financial assistance can amount to $ 5,000.

Number of cases

There are now 5,866 confirmed and probable cases in Canada, including 63 deaths.

Distribution of cases in Canada, according to the most recent provincial reports available: 2,498 in Quebec, including 22 deaths; 1,355 in Ontario, including 21 deaths; 884 in British Columbia, including 17 deaths; 621 in Alberta, including two deaths; 134 in Saskatchewan; 120 in Newfoundland and Labrador; 110 in Nova Scotia; 64 in Manitoba, including one death; 51 in New Brunswick; 11 in Prince Edward Island; five in two of the three territories. No cases have been reported in Nunavut.

To these reports must be added the 13 cases among passengers repatriated from the cruise ship Grand Princess on March 10.

According to the most recent epidemiological data published by the Public Health Agency of Canada, 65 percent of contagions in the country are cases of community transmissions, 35 percent of cases are linked to a trip abroad. These same data also show that a majority of patients, 69 percent, are between 30 and 69 years old.

And then, the most common symptom in sufferers is cough, observed in 78 percent of cases. Headache and chills are noted in 53 percent of patients.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau healed

The Prime Minister’s wife announced on her social media on Saturday evening that she no longer has any symptoms of COVID-19.

Justin Trudeau has been working from his residence since March 12, having imposed voluntary isolation upon the onset of the symptoms of Mrs. Grégoire Trudeau who was returning from London.

Sunday morning, he announced that his wife and their children had settled in Lake Harrington, the prime ministers’ second home. He therefore started a new count of 14 days of isolation since he was “in the same house with someone who, until a few days ago had COVID-19”, he explained.

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