Crash of the airliner near Norway: the fate of hundreds of victims solved

Авария лайнера возле Норвегии: судьба сотен пострадавших решена

Off the coast of Norway started to sink a cruise liner Viking Sky. The vessel during a storm the engine failed, and he lost the move. On Board were thousands of passengers who managed to evacuate.

About it reports Reuters

At the scene arrived rescuers. They evacuated more than 1,300 passengers. The rescue operation to bring 5 helicopters. Passengers Viking Sky brought the village on the North of the city of Molde. On land, the camp arranged for the reception of evacuees. According to police, the first 100 passengers arrived on land about 16:30. No information on casualties.

It is noted that the ship was able to start the engine but continues to be at anchor 2 km from the Norwegian shore. Marine rescue service announced that Viking Sky drifts to the ground.

The ship Viking Sky is owned by the company Viking Ocean Cruises, which is owned by billionaire Torstein Hagen. The shipping company is part of a Group of Viking Cruises. The vessel is used only in 2017. She length of 230 meters and has a draught of 6.30 meters.

We note that recently in Argentina incident happened: two cruise previously, Orchestra and Poesia collided in the port of Buenos Aires. Cruise ship Orchestra rammed Poesia, which was moored in the port. Both were damaged, however, according to preliminary data, victims among the passengers was not detected. In a few hours the liner Orchestra continued to follow its own route.

Recall that the Russian bloggers took a video before the terrible plane crash in Ethiopia. They were on vacation in Kenya, as in Ethiopia, was waiting for a transplant.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”: the plane with Russians aboard crashed in the Congo’s dark history, a lot of victims.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that on Board the crashed plane in Ethiopia was the family of the Deputy of the National Council of Parliament, to survive, they failed.

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