Crazy after Buzova Nude and Denis Lebedev walks in front of the Church

Apparently, such a hard antipiar, which he staged in the vast social networks Olga a serious blow to the sanity of the cheese maker.

Свихнулся после Бузовой: Голый Денис Лебедев разгуливает напротив церкви


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Свихнулся после Бузовой: Голый Денис Лебедев разгуливает напротив церкви

Olga Buzova admitted style icon in Russia

The conclusion was made by the specialist – fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev.

The winner of the show “Married with Buzova” Denis Lebedev does not lose courage even after all that had happened after the transfer. As you know, Olga Buzova gave him a real negative PR campaign in which he called a swindler, apostate and forbidden to approach her. The man, however, does not cease to conduct its Instagram, which regularly posts stories and regular publication. This is what has allowed the fans after his recent action on social networks to say that he “went crazy” after Buzova.

Initially the thought they gave the history Lebedev, in which he’s acting as if on drugs: too fast talking, always stick to going to meet people and, in General, behaves as inadequate. Posted today history in Instagram and became a cause of scandal, after which the subscribers became known as Lebedev “crazy town”. The fact is that he, apparently, completely naked walking around in the snow in front of the Church in Suzdal.

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Now subscribers in the comments trying to talk sense into Lebedev, noting that he should think about what he is doing in social networks. Others and at all are inclined to believe that the cheesemaker can attract to criminal responsibility under article insults the feelings of believers.