Create application-passport for smartphones

This program should replace the identity document.

В России создают приложение-паспорт для смартфонов


Information about the upcoming innovations, said Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Maxim Akimov. The official said that Russia does create a application passport for smartphones, in order to go paper certificates, but there are certain difficulties of this project. Developers must create a completely safe alternative to the current passport. It is very difficult to do, since there are different methods of fraud. The second impediment is the too quick development of technology. While Russian experts will create a mobile program thinking about the ideal electronic documents are likely to have changed.

Experts fear that a situation may arise like with the virtual insurance policies. The owners of transport began to acquire electronic certificates, and the traffic inspectors in the inspection require a paper version of the document. Moreover, law enforcement officers have a legitimate reason to fine the driver because of the imperfection of the regulatory framework. Therefore, the use of mobile applications-passports requires careful study of the question from a legal perspective.