Create Pixel 4 will take the best engineers in the world

Созданием Pixel 4 займутся лучшие в мире инженеры

It seems that Google intends to start producing its own chips for smartphones and Pixel other devices. And though the rumors about this went for several years, now the company has moved from words to deeds. Apparently, sales of the Pixel 3 does not satisfy the company, so that the search engine has decided to seriously engage in the development of the Pixel 4, the output of which is scheduled for fall 2019.

Созданием Pixel 4 займутся лучшие в мире инженеры

Edition Reuters writes that single-chip systems will the team do with the internal name gChips. And the staff here with lots of experience: they are mostly engineers from Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and Nvidia, including John Bruno, who worked at Apple on the development of mobile processors and is one of the leading developers of chips Fusion. However if Google this “star team” – unknown. In addition to the questionable CPU in smartphones Pixel was 3 and a bunch of other problems. For example, the camera is simply not working, battery very hot when charging, but speaker and microphone are generally in most cases, worked faulty.

Созданием Pixel 4 займутся лучшие в мире инженеры

Now the team has 16 people, but the staff they plan to recruit approximately 60 engineers. Recruitment continues.

Let’s hope that prices for the Pixel 4 will not be exorbitant, and the processor will get a bunch of innovations.

Recall that Apple plans to launch a paid service that will allow owners of iPhone and other gadgets from the Apple company to read an unlimited number of news from different editions. However, the service itself costs $ 10 per month, so that fans only verified news will have to pay for the information.

Earlier Znayu reported that games Civilization VI suddenly became free. Now everyone can evaluate the game for free. However, available are only the main aspects of the game, but for add-ons or DLC will have to pay real money if you want it.

Znayu wrote that Google resumed work on Project Ara. Recall that the modular smartphone, where you can change the “stuffing” yourself, but the processor, camera, and battery are in the shape of rectangles. Recall that the project was buried in 2016, and in 2019 the first modular device may be on the shelves.

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