Creating efficient heating systems from design to maintenance

The problem of heating of apartments, houses, production facilities becomes more acute. Energy prices are rising, and the old heating system is already inefficient, do not meet modern requirements. Fuel economy and energy efficiency remain the eternal questions.

Создание эффективных систем отопления от проектирования до сервисного обслуживания

NPP-Energiya in Novosibirsk for two decades, solves the complex issues of engineering networks in the buildings. The creation of high performance systems is facilitated by established relationships with world manufacturers of equipment, including batteries, radiators. If this worked out logistics schemes, and established a wholesale and retail sale. Favorable conditions of cooperation with leading manufacturers of thermal devices allow you to set competitive prices.

The professional team of the company performs the following work:

• Design individual and centralized heat supply stations. While preparing a complete documentation package, up to the working stage. Projects meet international standards and based on modern technological solutions.

• Under the project is the selection of equipment. It’s all certified, high quality. Provided by fast delivery from own stock.

• Carried out installation of engineering networks of any complexity — from small boiler house to the factory system, is going heating any capacity. It is possible to hold and separate works — installation of automation systems or heat metering.

• New facilities are accepted for operation and maintenance, including flushing of the heat exchanger and pump service.

NPP-Energy has its own production and create a block heat exchangers, modular boilers, valves, pumps, pipes, measuring instruments, batteries, radiators. The range of many battery options:

• Bimetal: outer frame made of aluminum, and the inside is made of steel. Such a device makes them immune to changes in pressure and expands in scope.

• Universal cast-iron batteries can withstand high pressure, are less susceptible to corrosion, can be installed in a hostile environment.

• Aluminum radiators are lightweight, have high heat transfer.

Customers are large firms, government agencies, individuals.

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