Crimean authorities have responded to the provocation of the part of the Ukrainian Navy

Crimean authorities promised that the trick will not remain unanswered.

Власти Крыма отреагировали на провокацию стороны ВМС Украины

We are talking about crossing the Russian Maritime border three Ukrainian ships that travel from the Black sea in the Kerch Strait.

Vice-speaker of the Crimean Parliament, Yefim Fiks said that the Russian Federation has enough power for “sobering up” of the Ukrainian officials who give orders to such actions on the part of the sailors. Fix reported that the response of the Navy of Russia will allow to understand these officials that they are not all allowed.

Vice-speaker noted that the measures taken will help the Ukrainian authorities to understand that the support of the United States and Europe solves nothing and does not give the right to violate Russian territorial waters.

Fix called on Kiev authorities not to forget the international rules of navigation along the coast of the Crimea and to respect the laws of the Russian Federation. According to him “Ukraine will receive in the teeth”.

Earlier, there were reports that three ships of naval forces of Ukraine violated the border of the territorial waters of the Russian Federation and move in the direction of the Kerch Strait.