Criminal minds : season 14 extremely shortened… before the end ?

Esprits Criminels : une saison 14 très raccourcie... avant la fin ?

The american chain CBS seems to have given a pretty clear signal on the future of the show.

Never a season of’Criminal Minds will have been so short. Since its launch in September 2005, the police series has always had seasons of 22, 23 or even 26 episodes ! But this year, this will be the bare minimum.

Criminal minds : “All these changes have done wrong to the series”

The american channel CBS has announced that it will not request new episodes for season 14 of’Criminal Minds, which is just so of the 15 episodes ordered last spring. It could be a pretty clear signal on the part of the Network, suggesting that the drama will not be renewed next may. A cancellation that hangs in the nose of Criminal Minds for the last few years (especially since Thomas Gibson has been fired). This time, it might as well be the end. Nevertheless, Criminal Minds is not yet removed, and the series has already proven, in the past, that she knew how to survive in this kind of situation…

In the meantime, we don’t know when and how will be distributed the latter part of the season 14. Eight episodes have already gone on american tv and in mid-December, after the broadcast of episode 10, there will only 5 to see, in the beginning of 2019. The last for the BAU ?