“Crotch catch a cold!”: Naked Volochkova in the splits in the snow shocked even the haters

Ballerina splits every time are more extreme.

«Промежность простудишь!»: Голая Волочкова в шпагате на снегу шокировала даже хейтеров


Anastasia understands that its standard splits will not be able to surprise anyone anymore, because this posture on the part of a ballerina is not discussed unless the lazy. Now she decided to conquer new heights. That’s why the new celebrity in the social network was another provocation for all those who discuss the vast network of her actions.

The thing is that the photo was able to shock even seasoned haters Volochkova, who has seen aggro from a lot of different similar content. In the picture, having covered only a bath with a broom, completely naked Volochkova sitting on the twine. Further exacerbates the situation is that causal place she is sitting right in the snow. Haters did not have to refrain from emotions, saying that Volochkova, apparently, it is no longer aware of their actions and publications in the vast public space.

Crotch catch a cold what they are doing at all?” “You have such desperate proposals do, and even though the icicle sit”, “Nastya, each time getting crazier and crazier, “wrote the vast network of users.

«Промежность простудишь!»: Голая Волочкова в шпагате на снегу шокировала даже хейтеров


The wave of negativity ballerina, apparently completely satisfied, because it repeatedly gives a new ground for the remarks of the haters. Secular diva does not stop even the presence of a teenage daughter, which already takes the mother-not the best traits.