Curiosity sent a selfie from Mars

Curiosity прислал селфи с Марса

The Rover space administration’s Curiosity Rover made a farewell selfie on the ridge of the mountains of Vera Rubin and rolled of aniz is to clay the valley near the mountains of Aolida.

During all this time, Rover managed to collect 19 samples of Martian rocks, soil, out of order for no apparent reason, and almost life began on Mars in September 2016, the Rover was dangerously close to the waters of Mars, NASA scientists worried about the possibility of contamination of the planet earth microorganisms. News published by the website of NASA.

This location is the final destination and main mission of the Rover. A little Curiosity will pass on the mountain slope, after which NASA will think what to do next.

Curiosity прислал селфи с Марса

January 15, using the MAHLI camera on the end of the arm, the Rover did a series of 57 shots, which after stitching together made a new self portrait of “Curiosity”.

Promotion of the study of the planet Mars deals with the so-called

“Mars science laboratory”

one of the NASA missions, which to Mars was successfully delivered and operated the Mars Rover third generation “Curiosity” (in English

“curiosity, curiosity”

). The Rover is an Autonomous chemical laboratory several times bigger and heavier than previous Mars Rovers “Spirit and “opportunity”.

Curiosity прислал селфи с Марса

At this point, the Rover had already gone about twenty kilometers, the scientists decide on his fate.

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As reported the portal “Znayu” last night, January 28, was exactly 33 years as international cosmonautics was shocked by the tragedy of the Shuttle Challenger: the crash of the carrier rocket with the Shuttle killed all seven crew members – NASA astronauts.

Also, the portal “Znayu” I wrote about the fact that one of the craters on the asteroid Ryugu is now called “the Gingerbread man” — in honor of the character of the East Slavic tales. A rather unusual decision to name part of the cosmic body character from a fairy tale. Most surprisingly, the name he gave it the Japanese scientists.

In addition, the portal “Znayu” I wrote about the fact that the U.S. space Agency NASA drew attention to the frequent fall of meteorites to the earth over the last 290 million years. So, uninvited “guests of space” now fly more often than in the last 700 million years, however, should not be afraid.

More “Znayu” wrote that scientists have found the coldest place in the Universe. It is not on other planets or galaxies. The coldest place in the Universe is on the International space station.

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