Dad or Mom should be adapted into a series on M6

Papa ou Maman devrait être adapté en série sur M6

Marina Foïs and Laurent Lafitte are they still there ?

Update of June 5, 2017 : M6 will Dad or mom, tonight. It was learned early this year that the comedy was conceived by Alexandre de la Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte was going to be detailed in a tv series on the channel. Here is the first info.

Dad or mom is a succession of skits, exponentially vachardes of which we never tire of it

News January 20, 2017 : Dad or Mom 3 at the cinema, this is not the order of the day. The result of the franchise could be written on the small screen. According to the site The Ecrans.frthe history of Florence and Vincent Leroy could become a tv series, soon on M6 (M6 Films is co-producer of the feature films). For the moment, we do not know much about this project sounds good, if it is not thatAlexandre de la Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte, writer of both films, will be back at the writing. Remains to be seen whether Marina Foïs and Laurent Lafitte will agree to continue the adventure, on another medium.

Marina Foïs and Laurent Lafitte : The movies that make them vibrate

Remember that Dad or Mom and Mom or Dad is 2 gathered 4 million viewers combined in the theatres, in 2015 and 2016.