Damn “bridge of death” demolish and build the new: on his account dozens of lives, photo

Проклятый "мост смерти" снесут и построят новый: на его счету десятки жизней, фото

Bridge Morandi workers started to take down the Genoa. From the collapse of the bridge in August of 2018 killed dozens of innocent people.

This became known thanks to the publication La Stampa.

According to journalists, with the start of work was observed by the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte and infrastructure Minister Danilo Toninelli.

Проклятый "мост смерти" снесут и построят новый: на его счету десятки жизней, фото

“Today is very symbolic and represents the restoration of Genoa, Liguria and Italy. Until the end of 2019 we have a duty to rebuild the bridge, then we’ll have to wait another few months to open it. We will show that the Italian system works,” said Conte.

Recall that part of the bridge Morandi in Genoa with a length of about 100 meters, collapsed on 14 August 2018. The fallen section, which passed over the railroad tracks and the river Polcevera.

It is worth Recalling that Ukraine continues to monitor the status of the so-called Crimean bridge only for one reason. In particular, Georgy Tuka said that the likely drop Crimean bridge can permanently lock the Azov sea, so both the ecology of the seas now on the brink of disaster.

“What could be the ecological and economic consequences, even now it is difficult to predict. It is not yet known where exactly he will fall, remain shipping or not. In what condition the ice will be in the moment, etc understanding of this stops me from getting with a puppy delight to watch as it all falls down,” he says.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the invaders in the Crimea there was a quite predictable problem with the Kerch bridge. Access roads to the bridge literally “crawl”. Therefore, an alternative way of transfer to the Crimea of military equipment became a ferry.

We will remind, in Kiev paralyzed the movement North and South bridges: what happened.

As reported Znayu, Klitschko adopted budget-2019: tired Kiev promised to “superparent”.

Also Znayu wrote, support the Kerch bridge is about to collapse, building in critical condition: video.

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