Dan Balan and Tina turned “the voice of the country” in the “dancing with the stars”

Dan Balan и Тина Кароль превратили "Голос країни" в "Танцы со звездами"

Its mysterious signs of attention to each other, continue to excite spectators “Voice” of the famous singers Tina Karol and Dan Balan.

Recall that in this moment in the midst of “blind auditions”. However, viewers were concerned not only with participants, but also the relationship between the trainers of the project.

It’s hard not to notice how stellar the singer Dan Balan showing her attention and affection to Tina Karol. However, Tina currently doesn’t lend itself to flirting colleagues and only with a smile and a laugh takes all the sweet words of the Moldovan bachelor.

So, for example during a broadcast on the project “the Voice Krainy-9” did it again singer unambiguous signs of attention. The star was found in his judgment seat box with flowers and came in a pleasant confusion.

“What is it? What happened there? Dan, you don’t know who it’s from?” asked flattered Tina, while Balan only smiled mysteriously, watching her reaction.

“When I see flowers I want to smell that all the time, the singer confessed, trying to get closer to capture the fragrance of the perfume Carol. – Very similar”.

Tina tried to deny it, but nothing happened, Dan was adamant. To the accompaniment of musicians singing and participating-gutsulka star trainers danced his dance.

It is worth mentioning that the famous Ukrainian singer, coach of the show “Golos Krainy” Tina loves to delight fans with new pictures in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity boasted a very gentle photo shoot in colorful dress with a deep neckline. So, the actress posed sitting on the chair, sensuously, eyes closed and mouth open.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, which is now actively building a career in Russia, decided to show the fans in a new Instagram photo. Celebrity boasted luxurious with the recent photo shoot posing in a long dress with a deep neckline.

So, the actress admitted that she entertain a very positive feedback about the song “Sleep”. It is worth Recalling that the song is considered autobiographical, as Caroline wrote to her immediately after her husband’s infidelity Murat with Kiev girl.

Recall that Ani Lorak was bitten by Nastya Kamensky: now only goes in his underwear.

As reported Znayu pregnant Lorak amused by the outfit: a Papuan in a fur coat.

Also Znayu wrote, friends said that he killed Lagerfeld.

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