“Dangerous Russia” constitutes a threat to the Czech Republic – tomáš Peter

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic tomáš Peter called Russia a “threat”.

"Опасная Россия" представляет угрозу для Чехии - Томаш Петржичек In an interview with Czech radio Mr. Peter said that Moscow is more persistent and is a danger because it spreads misinformation and uses a variety of hybrid threats.

The Minister, who was appointed to this position last month, said that “Russia is a real threat for the Czech Republic and other States of the European Union”, adding that “reports about the threat posed by Moscow come from the Czech intelligence service and should be taken very seriously.

Mr. Peter said that the Czech Republic should not “live on your knees”, but needs to deal more effectively with such threats. He said that it is necessary to strengthen strategic communication and countering misinformation in the EU.