Daniel Radcliffe spoke about the filming of “Harry Potter”

Дэниел Рэдклифф рассказал о съемках "Гарри Поттера"

The actor and main character of the film series “Harry Potter” Daniel Radcliffe has decided to reveal the secret to shooting pictures, the creators of secret of 18 years.

It turns out that for each of the actors magic of the Saga did a cast of the entire jaw. This was done through age-related changes of the project participants.

“When they filmed the first movies for each actor was made a cast of the entire jaw, so that when began to fall out teeth, it would be possible to quickly eliminate this disadvantage and to insert the tooth in order to keep shooting. When you on the Playground 20 persons 10 years of age, you have to make a mold for everyone,” recalled the actor.

Interestingly, if you look carefully at the first part of “Harry Potter”, you may notice that in one scene one of the characters of the teeth, and in the next scene – a mouth full of perfectly white teeth.

Дэниел Рэдклифф рассказал о съемках "Гарри Поттера"

Дэниел Рэдклифф рассказал о съемках "Гарри Поттера"

Дэниел Рэдклифф рассказал о съемках "Гарри Поттера"

“Harry Potter”, by the way, would not have been such a magical film, if not for the multimillion-dollar special effects and the design of the most incredible creatures, which are unlikely to meet in everyday life, terrifies the form of a mermaid with the fourth part of the Saga “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire “. According to the creators of this creature, “the mermaid was supposed to look both attractive and sinister”.

Recall, thought that he knew about Harry Potter all of them, but these facts will surprise you: the top 20.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, the favorite hero of millions “die hard” barely missed a preview screening of the film “Glass” that plays a major role.

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