Daredevil : season 4 is viewed on Netflix ?

Daredevil : une saison 4 est-elle envisagée sur Netflix ?

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen will there be more of a chance that Luke Cage and Iron Fist ?

While Netflix is doing the housework in her series of Marvel, and Daredevil has just released its season 3, it is legitimate to wonder if Matt Murdock doesn’t come to make his last night out. A 4 season of Daredevil is considered ?

The showrunner Erik Oleson, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, in fact, referring to the possibility of a fourth season. : “Je can tell you that I have good hopes for a season 4. There has yet been no formal renewal. But the result is ordered, I hope that I’ll be in party”, says the one who’s just taking over the reins of the series.

Daredevil : season 3 begins, where were we ?

What seems clear is that this season 4 would focus more on the history of the Bullseye, which could then become the great villain : “let’s just Say that we’ve now seen the origin of Bullseye, and that there is still a lot of stories to tell with this character… That the season 4 to go in this direction or another, Bullseye will live fully in this world, as we now have seen how it was forged…”

In the meantime, season 3 of Daredevil is to see on Netflix since Friday, October 19.