Death in the queue didn’t stop the work of the Ufa traffic police

On YouTube appeared a video in which it is seen that visitors do not pay any attention to a sheet-covered body.

Смерть в очереди не остановила работу уфимского ГИБДДAs it turned out, 60-year-old visitor to the registration Department of traffic police became ill and he lost consciousness directly in the room. The arrived emergency doctors only verified death of the man.

The traffic police was taken not to evacuate the visitors from the building as they were recorded in the electronic queue for some time and came from all parts of the country. All was done in the framework of the user: the body was protected, called an ambulance and tried to help the man on the spot, and after the statement of death – called investigators, and covered the body with a sheet.

At the same time on the video frames more surprising is the complete indifference of visitors to the deceased person. They are as if nothing had happened step over the body to convey to the operators the documents next to Potter children’s perceptions of what is happening for granted.