Death of Julia Nachalova: ward star admitted, as a celebrated

Смерть Юлии Началовой: подопечный звезды признался, как праздновал

On Russian television on the evening of March 16 presented the final episode of the show reincarnations “one to One”. It is known that the winner was the guy from Omsk Pavel Kryukov, a mentor who was a singer Yulia Nachalova. Unfortunately, Julia died of acute heart failure a few hours before the release show on the screens.

Смерть Юлии Началовой: подопечный звезды признался, как праздновал

Julia Nachalova

The recording of the last edition held March 5. At that time the audience chose the winner, the show was shown on TV, and hooks led live in Instagram. The guy was happy and not a word is said about Nachalova. When he was attacked with insults, hooks again came on air and explained the situation.

“I gathered friends in advance to see the issue. About the death of Julia Nachalova I found out two hours ago. When we worked with her, there weren’t any signs that something is wrong. This is an unfortunate situation, but I was celebrating his victory,” said hooks.

On the set of the final release of Yulia didn’t know what hell will become her life in the coming weeks. It was on the show “One to one” was the last performance of the artist. Nachalova and Irakliy Pirtskhalava turned into Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin. They performed the song “the Queen”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Russian singer Julia Nachalova, the death of which became known on Saturday, March 16, died in a clinic in Moscow after she had surgery. The artist at the age of 38 years passed away surrounded by family and close relatives arrived at the hospital and were beside her to the last. Unfortunately, to say goodbye to Yulia all her family was not able — after surgery, the patient never regained consciousness.

We will remind, well-known journalist died because of the indifference of the doctors: forced to abandon hospitalization.

As reported Znayu died Julia Nachalova: after a terrible disease and hard struggle.

Also Znayu wrote, doctors reported on the status of the famous singer Yulia Nachalova: light do not.

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