Death of Marina Poplavskaya has provoked a new scandal around the “Diesel show”

Смерть Марины Поплавской спровоцировала новый скандал вокруг "Дизель шоу"

Sister who died as a result of a fatal accident actress “Diesel Show” Marina Poplavskaya accused the producers of a Comedy show in PR and fraud.

Lyudmila Poplavskaya wrote this message on his page in Facebook, like the producers and PR managers “Diesel Show” systematically organize mourning events and fundraisers without the knowledge of the family of the deceased actress.

Смерть Марины Поплавской спровоцировала новый скандал вокруг "Дизель шоу"

“Our family was against that at the time of mourning (a little more than 4 months since the tragic death of my sister) hold any noisy activities in the name of the Marina, especially to the birthday. Any means, especially with the concert to the birthday of Marianne’s Frantsevna, the family does not need! It’s all happening without our knowledge, without our consent. I have questions: “How, without telling me, without a list of relevant documents, in the end, without my signature were opened a special account underage nieces?” – said in a note Ludmila.

Смерть Марины Поплавской спровоцировала новый скандал вокруг "Дизель шоу"

As reported by sister Marina Poplavskaya, she warned the producer of the show, if the situation does not change, will address in law enforcement bodies with the corresponding statement.

“To involve children I absolutely forbid! Girls received severe psychological trauma. Killed not just my aunt, but also godmother to my eldest daughter,” says Poplavskaya.

It should be noted that according to the sisters, immediately after the tragedy, none of the leaders of the show hasn’t even informed the relatives of the actress about her death. Learned about the terrible accident family with the media. After the funeral, Marina Poplavskaya her sister had no contacts with the leadership of “Diesel show”. After about 3 weeks after the tragedy Lyudmila sent a proposal to participate in the filming of the movie “Queen of humour”.

Смерть Марины Поплавской спровоцировала новый скандал вокруг "Дизель шоу"

“Being in a difficult psychological and physical condition, I refused. To make movies not after a pause, in such a difficult family time is unacceptable. This TV product “has nothing to do with human creative achievements which are the largest in the CIS and Europe. Its special merit and modesty is our pride to Publish any information about the family of Marianne producers have no moral rights! Honor, dignity, integrity and reputation has not been canceled,” – said Lyudmila.

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