Decl could have been killed: the friends of the rapper revealed the grisly details

Децла могли убить: друзья рэпера раскрыли жуткие подробности

As we know, Kirill Tolmatsky before his death, had a seizure, but doctors failed to save him.

Friends of the rapper say that shortly before his death he complained of pain in the hands. After that, he lost consciousness.

Децла могли убить: друзья рэпера раскрыли жуткие подробности


As they say friends of Cyril, he had no health problems. However, the mother of the deceased artist’s notes, he had a poor diet and coffin the body is regular flights and transfers. He died at 35 years old.

Famous producer Andrey Razin does not exclude that the singer may have been poisoned. No wonder the Russian media wrote that after the death of Tolmatskogo from the night club SK began to withdraw all the dishes.

“When he became ill, all ran away, I don’t understand why he was left alone in the dressing room. Cyril never treated in hospitals, Smoking in the clips of a conventional cigarette, pretending that it a banned substance. He has worked in Izhevsk. And now the investigative Committee conducts an investigation, it could be food poisoning,” says the producer.

A colleague of the deceased rapper Robert elizaryev can’t believe that the demise decl – an accident, a Famous singer, for his words, did not complain of health. Elizaryeu said he did not believe in what happened at the Tolmatskogo heart attack.

“This death was not natural. It could eliminate,” says his colleague.

Recall that the Decl was a Ukrainian and hated Putin: shocking recollections of a friend of the rapper

Russian rapper Decl (Cyril Tolmatskogo) died too early – he was only 35 years old. It was rumored that the cause of death could be alcohol and drug addiction. But the symbol of the “Golden youth” was not such, as all it represented.

As previously reported, “Znayu” the Funeral decl turned into a living hell: terrifying promise frightened all

At the funeral of a Russian rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (decl), which took place in Moscow on Wednesday, February 6, there was an unpleasant incident.

As writes MK, the farewell ceremony for the actor was held in the ritual hall of the Central clinical hospital of the city. At one point, a microphone picked up an unknown young man, who promised to “take revenge for Cyril.”

Also “Znayu” wrote about that the mother of the decl found the culprit of her son’s death: he was tired

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