Decl Cyril Tolmatskogo died: a colleague told about the last days of the legendary rapper

Децл Кирилл Толмацкий умер: коллега рассказал о последних днях легендарного рэпера

Vocalist, guitarist and leader of the band “the Bricks” Vasily Vasin in an interview to one of Russian publications said, what was the late Cyril Tolmatsky (Decl) in the last days.

Recall that on the morning of 3 February, it became known that He died from cardiac arrest during a concert in Izhevsk.

Децл Кирилл Толмацкий умер: коллега рассказал о последних днях легендарного рэпера

“Recently we spoke tightly, recorded a joint song. We spoke to each other on the twentieth anniversary of Mtv in the Olympic”, – said Vasily Vasin.

According to fellow artists, He was always sincere and positive person.

“Decl is a cute intelligent kid is very talented. The track on my solo album he recorded literally in one take. It was very professionally and with taste and good energy message,” added Bob.

It is worth Recalling that Russia died the rapper Kirill Tolmatsky, better known under the alias Decl. About it the morning of 3 February was reported in Facebook by his father, producer Alexander Tolmatsky. The musician was 35 years. Later that same day concert Director decl Pavel Belentsa told the press that He died after speaking at a corporate well-known businessman. The event was timed to the anniversary of the owner of the dealership Nikita pantjuhina. After the concert, Kirill Tolmatsky went to the dressing room and after a few minutes he felt bad.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Russian rap singer Kirill Tolmatsky, alias Decl, died from cardiac arrest. It is reported Znaia with reference to the Russian media quoting the concert Director musician Paul Belentsa.

According to him, He spoke in Izhevsk. After the concert, he went to the dressing room, and in a few minutes he became ill. “Preliminary information — he suffered cardiac arrest and died,” said the Belentsa.

Recall, died a famous Russian rapper Decl Kirill Tolmatsky.

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