Declassified will Luke Perry: the world is in shock, his bride is in a swoon

Рассекречено завещание Люка Перри: мир - в шоке, его невеста - в обмороке

Actor Luke Perry, whose life was tragically cut short on March 4, on 53-m to year, nothing is bequeathed to the woman with whom he lived for nearly 12 years. Wendy Madison Bauer (44) for the first time broke his silence after his death. She said those years were the happiest in her life.

Рассекречено завещание Люка Перри: мир - в шоке, его невеста - в обмороке

She also thanked the Perry children, his family and friends for their support. Previously, Bauer was seen eating in the restaurant together with 21-year-old son, Jack Perry and his mother, Minnie sharp. They discussed the details of the funeral of the star of the television series “Beverly hills, 90 210”.

Meanwhile, according to the publication, Radar Online, it became known that according to the will of the actor, Wendy gets nothing. All his property he wills to the children adored.

Perry was married to Rachel Minnie sharp from 1993 to 2003. In addition to his son Jack (who became a professional wrestler) the couple also have 18-year-old daughter Sophie. Wendy, who was the family doctor, Luke long lived in a civil marriage Officially, they got engaged just before his death.

Earlier, in the US, followed by Luke Perry died another star Beverly hills.

The report said that jed Allan, known for his role on Beverly hills, 90210, died Saturday in palm desert, Ca, at the age of 84 years.

He played in the TV series father of Steve Sanders.

Allan also starred in cult TV series “Santa Barbara”, insanely famous in the former Soviet Union.

The creators of “Beverly hills” commented on this sad event:

Recall, recently it became known, the star of “Beverly hills 90210” Luke Perry has died at the age of 52 from a massive stroke.

As reported previously Know.ia, new details of death of famous Hollywood actor Luke Perry, who is known and loved for participation in the youth series “Beverly hills, 90210” just stunned all movie lovers and fans of the artist.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the poet of Russia Lola Lidova (Alexander Chernyshev) died in Moscow on 8 March.

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