Demonic impact: Buzova agreed to give the firstborn for a career – Tarragon

The singer can adopt a child, avoiding the consequences of a deal with the dark forces.

Демонические последствия: Бузова согласилась отдать первенца ради карьеры - Таролог

Many still wonder how a normal blonde without any outstanding talents managed to win the love of viewers and to rise from the mediocre level of the participant “Houses-2” to leading the project. Some believe that its success owes His penetrating nature, but others do believe that their success is based on communication with the dark forces. Experienced tarragon, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed the view that Olga could make a demonic deal, wishing wealth and universal veneration, and in return agreed to give up his firstborn for a career. It is not excluded that at a young age Buzova windy belonged to thoughts of my children, believing that in the future she will be able to survive such a loss. According to Tarot reader, probably already married to Dmitry Tarasov she could realize the seriousness of the situation, which the player dreams about pregnancy presenter and remained dreams.

Демонические последствия: Бузова согласилась отдать первенца ради карьеры - Таролог

The expert explained that the same transaction could cause rupture of Olga Buzova and Denis Lebedev, as impressive cheesemaker in his 33 years would be unlikely to agree to continue to live in an empty childless family or to adopt children for no apparent reason. It is not excluded that Buzova decided to avoid the consequences of dark contract and not to have children, as she recently especially actively started talking about a possible adoption, what is she going to do, if not meet the man of her dreams. The tarragon stressed that in this way Olga will be able to avoid paying for a brilliant career and to have heirs, not fearing for their lives, often in deals with the devil we are talking about blood sacrifice. This theory is confirmed by the fact that the singer does not even consider the option of IVF, which could give her children in the absence of a loving man, because in this case she also had to leave first.