Depression can be cured with the help of two bacteria: scientists have explained how

Депрессию можно вылечить с помощью двух бактерий: ученые объяснили как

Scientists for several years trying to figure out how the intestinal microbiome affects brain activity. Thanks to a new study, experts found that low amounts of two types of bacteria may be associated with depression.

It is noteworthy that the number of bacteria Caprococcus and Dialister remains low even after a course of antidepressants. It is reported by Neuroscience News.

The first population-based study on the relationship between intestinal flora and mental health conducted by researchers from Belgium. Jaron RAES and his team compared the fecal microflora and establishing the diagnosis of “depression” 1054 participants in the Flemish project for the study of intestinal microflora.

Депрессию можно вылечить с помощью двух бактерий: ученые объяснили как

As it turned out, the people who have these bacteria was sufficient, noted the high level of life satisfaction. And those who had fewer was depressed.

This is not to say that the study, which was published in Nature Microbiology proves that the low number of these bacteria is the cause of depression in many people. There is a version that depression reduces their amount in the body.

But then scientists found that gut bacteria produce neurotransmitters essential to mental well-being.

Депрессию можно вылечить с помощью двух бактерий: ученые объяснили как

“We analyzed the DNA of intestinal bacteria to see if they do “communicate” with the nervous system. It turned out that many species produce neurotransmitters, or the building material for hormones such as dopamine or serotonin. For example, organisms produce DOPAC – material dopamine – can have a positive impact on mental quality of life “, – said Jaron RAES.

The scientist also added that the bacteria that live outside of the human body, for example, in the soil, unable to produce neurotransmitters.

Recall that scientists have discovered why antidepressants do not help one third of people suffering from severe forms of depression.

As reported by the portal Znaia the study showed that mindfulness meditation relieves symptoms of chronic pain and improves well-being in patients.

The portal also Znayu wrote that scientists analyzed data from multiple biobanks and found that about 4 % of suicides are associated with some genes.

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