Depression: how to identify the disease what the man says

Депрессия: как определить болезнь по тому, что говорит человек

In today’s world people are increasingly suffering from depression. It’s not just a bad mood, it’s a disease, which without proper attention can lead to tragic consequences. Scientists have figured out what words most commonly used by people who have depression.

A study to explore this fact conducted by British scientists.

The researchers analyzed records for 6400 63 forums created for people who suffer from depression. It turned out that users with obvious signs of this mental disorder have demonstrated a preoccupation with his own person.

Депрессия: как определить болезнь по тому, что говорит человек

They often used the word “I”, “me”, “my”, “mine.” The use of such pronouns as “he”, “she”, “they” were present much less frequently than in healthy people. This trend is also evidence of social isolation of those suffering from depression.

In addition to the features above disease scientists have ranked the use of the words “always”, “completely” and “nothing”. Depression is characterized by constant depression and loss of interest in any activities, which usually brings pleasure, and inability to perform daily activities for at least two weeks.

The biggest danger of depression is that it is able to stay a long time without proper attention from both the sick person and her environment. This is not notability over time, can have tragic consequences, ranging from serious mental disorders and to suicide.

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