Deputy head of the Pentagon has arrived to Kyiv for consultations

Laura Cooper went on a journey across the ocean to tell the Ukrainian politicians, as to improve the army.

Замглавы Пентагона приехала в Киев на консультации


Deputy head of the Pentagon has arrived in Kiev for consultations with senior officials and met with representatives of the administration of Petro Poroshenko, the Cabinet of Ministers and Parliament. During the meeting the parties discussed the ways of modernization of the armed forces of Ukraine. During negotiations Laura Cooper condemned Russia for “aggression” in the Black sea and said that Washington fully supports Ukraine and the Kiev authorities policy. In Moscow sounded unpleasant words.

On 6 December the United States and allies carried out an unscheduled flight in the framework of the agreement about “open sky”. This action of the Americans have confirmed their obligations to Ukraine. In the United States say they stand for the security of European States and the establishment of relations between Kiev and Moscow. In Russia, these words are referred to simply as a cover to achieve their own selfish goals.