Design Oppo R19 with a unique camera for the first time showed in the network

Дизайн Oppo R19 с уникальной камерой впервые показали в сети

Oppo R19

Oppo brand, as Vivo and OnePlus are owned by BBK Electronics, it is not surprising that the products of these three manufacturers is very similar in appearance. However, the network appeared the new Oppo R19, looks like OnePlus 7, which is also due to appear on the shelves soon.

Дизайн Oppo R19 с уникальной камерой впервые показали в сети

The source that posted the image, claims that it thus will be Oppo R19, and yet it is almost indistinguishable from the other models of the company — Oppo F11 Pro. An important difference between the two devices, the fingerprint scanner, which R19 Oppo built into the screen. Of course, this improvement will significantly increase the cost of the device.

Дизайн Oppo R19 с уникальной камерой впервые показали в сети

As expected, the rear camera will get a resolution of 48 megapixels. Cut frontalka there, and it can mean that she will hide in a removable module. The other characteristics are not yet known, but the flagship processors and the chips he just won’t get. However, the extendable camera is still a fresh idea, so that buyers clearly are.

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