Despite the cancellation on Netflix, Marvel promises that we see Daredevil

Malgré l'annulation sur Netflix, Marvel promet qu'on reverra Daredevil

A funny press release that maintains the blur.

Will come back ? Not come back ? On Netflix or elsewhere ? If the series Daredevil, as such, is canceled and will not have a sequel, the character of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has perhaps not yet said its last word.

Daredevil cancelled : the actors do not come back !

Marvel has released an official statement Friday night on its web site, in the wake of the announcement of the cancellation by Netflix. A small note entitled “update” which reads : “Marvel is extremely grateful to the vast audience that liked Daredevil. Since the first act of heroism of the young Matt up to the birth of Page, Murdock and Nelson (at the end of season 3), the journey has been incredible (…) We look forward to other adventures with the man without fear…”

Other adventures of Daredevil… but where ? when ? how ? With Charlie Cox ? Under another identity ? For the time being, we just don’t know it all, and no project exists in a concrete way. Maybe it is just to Marvel for blurring the fans excited. Or when the group has a small idea in your head of which one knows nothing…

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