Didn’t believe her and lost: Buzova ashamed of his father and avoids his fans

The parent did not want to let future star of “House-2”.

Не верил в неё и потерял: Бузова стыдится своего отца и избегает его - фанаты

Olga Buzova due to its persistence and non-standard method of thinking has managed to achieve unprecedented heights in show business, vlyubil in your talent multimillion army of fans. Now fans follow daily life of the singer, analyzing each publication Buzova in social networks. To delight fans, Olga Buzova almost daily updates its Instagram account, where glimpses of the faces of her friends, colleagues, moms, sisters, but not his father. Recently members Olga noticed that she never shares pictures with the Pope, although all interview with the star said that her parent is associated with a fairly warm relationship and supposedly they never lose contact. No need to be a genius to understand what Igor Buzova feel constantly bumping into pictures of his daughter with her mother, which she sees on a regular basis.

Не верил в неё и потерял: Бузова стыдится своего отца и избегает его - фанаты


Fans of the TV presenter suggested that Buzova simply ashamed of his father and avoids conversation with him, as in the past, he refused to support a future star in its endeavours. Buzova on the “House-2” her father was released only three months, speaking a staunch opponent of this idea. It is not excluded that since then the presenter has a grudge against the parent who did not believe in its potential and eventually lost contact with his daughter. The Network rarely appear the pictures of Igor Buzova with her daughters, however, such photos are, in the opinion of the subscribers Buzova, we need the singer to maintain the image of the diligent daughter, who values his family. In the discussion of the phenomenon of fans of the singer agreed that if she really loved her father, she would always have time for a meeting with him, the lighting is so warm in his, as do most celebrities. Probably Buzova decided to take the path of least resistance and just not to raise the topic related to the father, to bring the family conflict to the attention of the public.

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