Died a famous model, she was only 19 years old

Умерла известная модель: ей было всего 19 лет

During a vacation at a ski resort in Austria, died on 19-year-old model Hendrik van der Zee.

The doctors stated that death occurred from a heart attack.

About it reports Fox News.

In the day of his death, Hendrik van der Zee was only 19 years old.

The source alleges that the cardiac arrest occurred when the model was to ski down. She came on holiday with his family.

As doctors say, immediately after a heart attack left her in a coma. Then she was urgently admitted to the hospital. The model died in the resuscitation Department of the hospital in Munich.

The girl had the title of “miss teen USA” in 2017.

It is worth Recalling that In the accident died Alexander of Serverok.

Condolences have been expressed in the national writers Union.

Умерла известная модель: ей было всего 19 лет

They Express their sincere condolences to the family.

Alexander Sarwark was born on 4 December 1944, in the village. Baryshivka, Kyiv oblast. Graduated from the journalism faculty of Kyiv University. Taras Shevchenko (1967). Worked on the journalistic work. He was also the responsible Secretary of the newspaper “Literary Ukraine” (1977-1992), head of the Department of culture and art of the magazine “Kyiv” (2002-2004), and since 2004 he was Deputy chief editor of the magazine “Ukraine”. The funeral will be held tomorrow at the home of the poet.

Умерла известная модель: ей было всего 19 лет

He was a Member of the National Union of writers of Ukraine and the National Union of journalists of Ukraine. The author of the poetry collections “As fire” (1980), “the Week of the district” (1983), “the Wisp of my mother’s hands” (1987), “zodiac Sandy” (1989), “Where were you, Adam?..” (1993), “world history” (1997), “Blind touch” (1997), “Rain” (2004), “Trickery” (2005), “Transcription time” (2005), “the Message of the old” (2008), a novel palindrome “Spell Drach” (2006), collections of essays, “the Bell. Three essays on Taras Shevchenko” (1995), “From Apostle to the Yagotin. Impression. Mood. Version” (2004), “Between the poles. Pavel Tychina in context and without” (2006). The author of the project and edited the collective book “Taras Shevchenko in my life” (2004).

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As previously reported, “Znayu”, a Famous Ukrainian journalist died under mysterious circumstances followed the case Zaitseva

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