Died a legend of the national cinema: he glorified Ukraine for the whole world

Умерла легенда отечественного кино: он прославил Украину на весь мир

On Friday, March 15, died the Ukrainian cinematographer, member of the National Union of cinematographers of Ukraine Igor Ivanov. Kinodel died after a long illness on 62-m to year of life. Reports Clutch.

Умерла легенда отечественного кино: он прославил Украину на весь мир

Ivanov has worked as a operator in 24 projects, including feature films and documentaries. He is a laureate of many prestigious awards in Berlin, Valencia and Strasbourg. Igor Ivanov worked on such well-known Ukrainian films as Girl with peaches (2017) and a Chance on love (2017).

Умерла легенда отечественного кино: он прославил Украину на весь мир

Recently, the man received major television award in Ukraine triumph in the nomination of the Operator of a television movie/mini-series (4 episodes) for the drama of Jacob on the novel by renowned Ukrainian writer Vladimir Fox.

Earlier it was reported that dead Russian musician, pianist in the band of Alexander Rosenbaum – Yuri’s Kapetanaki.

20 years pianist Yuri’s Kapetanaki collaborated with Alexander Rosenbaum. Over the years Kapetanaki and Rosenbaum became not only colleagues, but close to each other people. Today Alexander Y. reported the death of a talented pianist. The musician did not disclose the specific cause of death of Yuri, saying only that he was seriously ill.

“George died today, March 13. At 16:40. What can I say? He was sick a long time. Fought. Tried. Everything possible was done. Yesterday he was in the hospital. There were no signs of such lightning-fast of today’s outcome,” wrote Rosenbaum in a personal blog.

Recall former us Senator birch Evan Bayh died on the 92nd year of life.

Earlier Znayu reported, it became known about the death from brain cancer (glioblastoma) military chaplain and volunteer paramedic medical battalion “the Hospitallers” Sergei “frost” Frost.

Also Znayu wrote, actor Luke Perry, whose life was tragically cut short on March 4, on 53-m to year, nothing is bequeathed to the woman with whom he lived for nearly 12 years.

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