Died Creator of a unique masterpiece: it was used every

Умер создатель уникальной шедевра: ее использовал каждый

At the age of 93 years died artist Dan Robbins (Dan Robbins) has made “every man a Rembrandt”. He invented a method of creating paintings, when the figure is created by numbers.

Умер создатель уникальной шедевра: ее использовал каждый

Kits to paint by numbers, became a sensation in the 1950s. In forming the scheme, all colors are divided by numbers, and anyone can create a masterpiece, if you will paint the room the right colours. The invention Robbins became a phenomenon, which captivated fans and critics and has remained popular ever since.

His inspiration for this idea was Leonardo da Vinci, who used a similar method when he taught his disciples to draw.

Умер создатель уникальной шедевра: ее использовал каждый

Robbins died April 1, in Sylvania, Ohio, but it has become known only recently. The cause was complications from pneumonia, said the artist’s son Larry Robbins. Today, his creations adorn millions of American homes.

Умер создатель уникальной шедевра: ее использовал каждый

We will remind, died Viktor Blagov, the chief specialist of the Rocket and space Corporation (RKK) “Energy”, took part in designing the first Soviet manned spaceships “Vostok” and “Voskhod”. His death was reported by the press service of “Energy”.

Blagov participated in the preparation of the first international flight of the spacecraft, which in 1975 was made the docking of the Soviet “Soyuz-19” and American “Apollo”. In the future, Blagov took an active part in joint work with NASA under the program “Mir – Shuttle and Mir – NASA”, and in the last years of his life he carried out the scientific and technical coordination and supervision of works on the International space station program.

It is worth Recalling that on the eve died a famous Soviet actor Alexey Buldakov, which was confirmed by his friend. He said that a celebrity died in her sleep.

Recall that the region is in tears says goodbye to the brave policemen who sacrificed their lives for Ukraine.

As reported Znaia in the United States died a legendary musician: 4 Oscars and 10 Grammys.

Also Znayu wrote, the mummy years “lived” in the neighborhood with them.

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