Died “the king cameo” and Creator of Marvel comics Stan Lee

Died Creator of the famous 96 year of life, as reported by the representatives of the Daily Mail.

Умер «король камео» и создатель комиксов Marvel Стэн Ли

For fans of the Marvel universe and, in General, superhero theme, today it has become one of the most sad, because it was not one of the main people in the company Stan Lee, who is one of the founding fathers of the Marvel universe, and also direct Creator of the characters of Spider-Man, Iron man, X-men, Thor, Fantastic four, Hulk and many others. Relatives of the famous “king cameo” in all the movies Marvel announced that the day before Mr. Lee became ill and in his house called an ambulance, but he died after arriving at the hospital. Last February, the former Marvel President was hospitalized due to severe breathing problems and heart, but later the doctors announced that his condition was stabilized. As representatives of Stan Lee, in recent years, he seriously suffered from several illnesses and had serious vision problems, doctors stabilized him after a bout of pneumonia. In 2016, the Creator of the comics has made a statement that almost completely lost the ability to read and write

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