Diet yo-yo: the constant threat racing weight

Диета йо-йо: чем опасны постоянные скачки веса

Any person who once tried to drastically lose weight faced with the fact that at some point the dropped pounds come back.

Again, going on a diet, dropping again, time passes and the extra pounds back again. The cycle is closed. Such jumps are called weight diet yo-yo, writes Health.

And, as a new study shows that the term refers not only to people with a sharp set and weight loss.

Диета йо-йо: чем опасны постоянные скачки веса

Diet and the effect yo-yo

Researchers at Columbia University have studied the health indicators of 485 women. The average age of study participants was 37 years and the average body mass index is 26. (Women with a body mass index of 25 are overweight).

Scientists have discovered that yo-yo diet, it was very common; 73% of the study participants reported that you lose and regain at least 5 kg, at least once, and some ride a bike up to 20 times in your life.

It also found that women who followed the diet yo-yo scored less points on the program of the AHA (American heart Association) called “Life’s Simple 7” — seven lifestyle factors that protect the heart: “eat better”, “be active”, “lose weight”, “quit Smoking”, “reduce blood sugar”, “cholesterol” and “maintain blood pressure”.

The researchers found that the more women practiced, the diet yo-yo, the worse the scores for indicators ANA.

Диета йо-йо: чем опасны постоянные скачки веса

What is the ratio of height and weight good for health

The probability of having BMI in the healthy range, yo-yo dieting was also 82 % lower. Usually people lose weight quickly on a diet, but slowly gaining it back.

The authors of recent research explained that, although their studies have established a link between the diet yo-yo and the risk factors for heart disease, additional (and longer term) research.

So while the best way to lose weight is to eat given the state of health.

In other words, eat full nutrients (lean protein, fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains) and don’t forget about physical activity. Let the body dumps excess weight slowly and gradually.

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We will remind, the people who follow the antihypertensive diet are less likely to suffer from depression.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” foods high in fat can have a negative impact on the health of three generations.

Also “Znayu” wrote that American doctors found that hunger has a rejuvenating effect.

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