Discount on iPhone XS and XR for Trade-in is$300

Apple has raised the discount amount on new gadgets when you return the old one.

Скидка на iPhone XS и XR по Trade-in составляет 300$

Due to poor sales, Apple has decided to make a discount on Trade-in for$ 100 more. Prior to that, when you return the old iPhone 8, the user received a discount of$ 200 on the purchase of a more modern iPhone.But due to poor sales of the new devices, the company has decided, at least as something to sell. Now they offer to buy the new iPhone XS and XR$ 300 cheaper when you return the old iPhone 8.

The Trade-in involves the exchange of the old device with a surcharge on new. When returning your old gadget iPhone 6, the user will receive a discount of$ 150 for the purchase of modern XR or XS. For iPhone 6s discount will be$ 200 and for iPhone 7 the discount is$ 250 to buy a new gadget.