Distinctions Red Dead Redemption 2 GTA V

Released recently the game is RDR 2 has at least five huge differences from GTA V.

Названы отличия Red Dead Redemption 2 от GTA V

According to gamers who have never played RDR 2, it’s the same just GTA on horses. But in fact, Red Dead Redemption 2 is not like Grand Theft Auto, released the same Rockstar.

First and foremost, the plot of RDR 2 went wild West and a slow and painful transition from the old world to the new. And in GTA V the player provide the modern world with its corruption and other faults. In the story of GTA V quite a lot of violence, unlike Red Dead Redemption, which it has reduced to a minimum.

Secondly, the graphics in GTA V is quite “cartoony”, but the new game from RockStar more realistic. RDR 2 the developers added so many details that make the game realistic. For example, the beard, the main character grows, and you decide to shave it or not.

Thirdly, the experiences of the characters in GTA V you will not feel, but in the Western you become attached to the gang with which you Rob banks and trains.

Fourthly transport in RDR 2 has a small selection but due to the fact that the action takes place in the time of cowboys. Horses, trains, wagons – that’s all there was at the time.

And lastly – a huge difference, which touched on the relationship with the law. In GTA V all love to run from the cops, but in RDR 2 relations with law above all else. Violators in the city better not to appear, they will pursue a legalist and if you kill them, the player expects a very large fine.