Distress fueled by boredom

The confinement, the anxiety created by job losses, financial or health problems and especially boredom are likely to cause some psychological distress in this period of pandemic. Université de Sherbrooke psychology professor François Courcy, who specializes in occupational health, reports that there are few situations comparable to COVID-19 to find out the psychological impacts of a pandemic.
“When there was already stress and, in addition, you add uncertainty, the unknown and a job loss, you add fuel to the fire and the pressure becomes strong. We end up with people who were already experiencing tense situations at home with a spouse or children. Normally, the way to regulate tension and stress is to see people, to go out, which is not possible, ”explains Mr. Courcy.

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“What also causes distress is that we have no control over the degree of isolation. It is something imposed. The stress level is much higher on an ongoing basis. People have already cleaned up, finished their renovations and don’t know what to do. They are bored. Boredom can be creative, but it can be bad too. Some people find it difficult not to have stimulation. What will play the most will be the duration of the crisis. Not everyone has the same degree of patience. ”

Lucie Mandeville, also a psychologist, is interested in positive psychology. It confirms that distress can come from the fact that constraints are imposed from the outside. “And I have the feeling that we must face these constraints with judgment. Right now, there is a rebellion because things are being imposed on us. People would react less if things were said more positively. ”

Social networks can help get in touch with each other, but they are also tools that are used for ventilation. “It feels good right away, but it activates everyone around. There is evidence that if I get angry and come into a room 30 minutes later, others will be angry too. Social networks also show us a concern for performance. It’s a way of looking after. But it is not bad to try to adapt to the situation, ”comments François Courcy.

The problems already present in individuals could therefore be exacerbated. Hence the importance of recalling the existence of aid resources such as JEVI and Jeunesse, J’écoute.

“That we are all stressed, I think it’s normal. We have little control over what happens. We are confined without a fixed due date. “

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