Dmitry Komarov told how almost died: “one of the worst moments”

Дмитрий Комаров рассказал, как едва не погиб: "один из самых страшных моментов"

Dmitry Komarov in his Facebook told about a trip to the Amazon and about scary moments during trips. He said that he was in a centrifuge Iguazu falls.

“One of the scariest moments not only of the expedition but also the lives of 25 seconds under water in a centrifuge, which turned me as a match, and the vest is not pushed to the surface. Then I had to think about that now, possibly the worst thing that can happen. Managed desperately to ask yourself, what have you done? That is not fear in its pure form, but it was a feeling incomparable. I don’t want to experience them again and I don’t want to. I am grateful to the Iguazu falls for released and still pushed me and Sasha the surface“, – he wrote.

Дмитрий Комаров рассказал, как едва не погиб: "один из самых страшных моментов"

The presenter also spoke about his part in the famous Brazilian carnival.

“I’m grateful to Amazon and the Amazon for the very complex, but undeniably the best moments of expedition life. In mood it was like a trip to the ex-cannibals of the tribe of the korowai in Papua. But much further and trudnostei. These series are yet to come. Like …. (drum roll) my and Sasha’s participation in the carnival! Yes, we shot it not from the stands or the press box, as were the participants, dancers and officially represented the school Viradouro team, which took silver carnival in Rio de Janeiro 2019. On I hat carnival costume, which you’ll see in the program. The fun ahead. Thank you, Brazil”, – wrote the Mosquitoes.

We @dmytryiev_aleksandr home! The longest trip in the history of the project #minisante and shooting Brazil officially…

Geplaatst door Dmitro Komarov op Zaterdag 23 maart 2019

Earlier we wrote that all Ukrainian, and not just over the news – in Brazil, an armed attack on the Ukrainian journalist and host of the popular travel show “the World inside out” Dmitry Komarov.

Leading travel show “the World inside out” Dmitry Komarov was seriously scared of his fans. In the Network appeared the video, shot in Brazil. The footage shows that at the time, as Dmitri walks down the street talking to camera, behind him abruptly come out of nowhere and start shooting at Komarov. At this dangerous moment the video ends.

We will remind, in the Internet appeared the video, filmed in Brazil, where unknown shoot by Dmitry Komarov.

As reported by the portal Znayu Dmitry Komarov showed viewers Brazil – in the latest edition of the popular project “the World inside out”.

Also Znayu wrote TV presenter Dmitry Komarov during the filming of the project “the World inside out” repeatedly exposed themselves to danger.

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