Dmitry Komarov, urgently appealed to fans: “I clearly shot it in the ear”

Дмитрий Комаров срочно обратился к фанатам: "Мне он выстрелил четко в ухо"

Dmitry Komarov

All Ukrainian, and not just over the news – in Brazil, an armed attack on the Ukrainian journalist and host of the popular travel show “the World inside out” Dmitry Komarov.

Leading travel show “the World inside out” Dmitry Komarov was seriously scared of his fans. In the Network appeared the video, shot in Brazil. The footage shows that at the time, as Dmitri walks down the street talking to camera, behind him abruptly come out of nowhere and start shooting at Komarov. At this dangerous moment the video ends.

After the network got this video, the journalist left the relationship.

Dmitry Komarov said on his page in Facebook the details of his “wounds” in Brazil.

“Friends, just see, what a nightmare online and how many hundreds of messages in my phone. I hasten to stress again that I am alive and healthy. Video footage from the shoot where I was working as a stuntman. And that’s why they appeared online, taken out of context is another question. Under the terms of the contract with the Brazilian team of filmmakers, who organized the shooting, we pledged to give them all the footage, because they, as actors, are also involved. There their faces. Posted a video on my channel Brazilian named Ivan. In fact, put himself on video he runs after me with a gun thug. He’s a stunt rider and organizer of the shoot. Called Ivan, asking why he did it, and he said, “It’s just a joke,” said Komarov.

Mosquitoes apologized to the fans for what they had worried for him. He said that in fact the shooting was difficult for him and screaming in the video was real, as the squibs shot him right in the ear. That he even had to treat

“It was really very difficult for me to shoot: two days in the heat of the clothes I ran in 40-degree heat, jumping, falling. The Creek in the video is way too real – igniter with “blood” badly set, and he shot me clearly in my ear. Then had to manipulation and treatment. Shooting was interesting, and was done in order to see the reverse side of film production,” – said TV presenter.

Friends, just saw a nightmare in the network and how many hundreds of messages in my phone. I hasten to stress again that I am alive…

Geplaatst door Dmitro Komarov op Woensdag 20 maart 2019

Fortunately, now with Dmitry everything is OK, and he even recorded a video message. The presenter promised to tell the details of their Brazilian adventure in the new series the travel show “World inside out”.

We will remind, in the Internet appeared the video, filmed in Brazil, where unknown shoot by Dmitry Komarov.

As reported by the portal Znayu Dmitry Komarov showed viewers Brazil – in the latest edition of the popular project “the World inside out”.

Also Znayu wrote TV presenter Dmitry Komarov during the filming of the project “the World inside out” repeatedly exposed themselves to danger.

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